Writer’s block. Real? Or an excuse?

Winter is definitely here – the last few days have had me pulling out those winter woollies, finding my slippers from where I tossed them last Spring, chopping veges for thick soup with lashings of sour cream!

Of course, the upside is that winter can be such a great time to write. The garden is not making unreasonable demands, the summer beaches and waterways are not singing siren songs, the long evenings indoors provide quiet time to simply write. Ah, but here is my old friend, writer’s block!

Writer’s block.

Is it a real issue, or just another trick I use to procrastinate?

Do you ever suffer from this? Does it paralyse you, completely freeze your creative juices?

If so, what do you do about it? How do you get that pen scribbling again?

Share your thoughts and experiences; above all, tell us how you managed to unblock!