About the Author

Bronwyn Cozens is an educator, writer and editor who lives and plays on the Sunshine Coast, having lived in Queensland, New Zealand, Taiwan, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania at various times.

Over a lifetime of multiple careers and lifestyles, she has worked in the printing and bookbinding industry; in the beauty industry; as an adult educator in TAFE and universities, both on campus and in distance education; and as a freelance writer.  Her twin passions are teaching the skills of writing, and working in distance education both as an educator and as a lifelong learner.

In 1998 she gained a Masters of Distance Education from Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria. In 2003, she followed this with a second Masters, this time in Writing and Literature. These, combined with her earlier Diploma in Teaching and BA, are the basis on which she has developed her successful career in writing and teaching writing.

All Bronwyn’s teaching, indeed all her training, has been focused on adult learners, and her experience is both broad and surprising. She has taught communication and writing skills in TAFE Vocational, and Higher Education courses; she has taught English in Taiwan; she has taught Adult Literacy Programmes in TAFE and community settings; she has taught life story writing to women returning to the workforce, and to women prisoners in detention centres; she has taught a variety of writing and related courses in U3A, in community writing groups, and in State Writing Centres and organisations.

For some years she ran her own business, a homestudy Short Story Writing course for writers in Australia and overseas. This included three separate courses, and regular publication of an inhouse journal of students’ contributions, PenChants. These courses are no longer offered, but the material contained within them is currently being incorporated into her current series of Ebooks for Writers.

As a one-time Reader for Catchfire Press, as Judge for a number of writing competitions in New South Wales and in Queensland, as the instigator, one-time Convenor and tutor of the Fellowship of Australian Writers North Arm Cove New South Wales Group, and as a long-time teacher of writing, Bronwyn is closely attuned to the needs and potentialities of writers. She believes in books and writing, believes in society’s ongoing love of a good book, and firmly believes that there are many undiscovered writers out there, polishing their talents and writing from their hearts.


Her lifestyle has been as varied as her careers. She was born in Queensland, raised and educated in New Zealand, and returned to Australia for a short working holiday. That was decades ago, and she has never returned to New Zealand except for brief holidays. She has lived in inner city apartments, in suburbia, and on acreage. She has lived alone, in family units, in shared housing, and even on a yacht for several eventful years.

These days she lives on the Sunshine Coast in southeast Queensland, where the climate and lifestyle suit her perfectly. She has recently retired from paid work, and is settling into a new round of demanding activities, which include making more time for family, kayaking, gardening, bookbinding, becoming involved in community activities, and learning to sketch and draw, as well as developing a series of Ebooks for Writers.

She has recently edited novels for local author Pam Hardgrave, for the anthologies of the Coolum Wave Writers, and works for other emerging writers.

She has plans to write more fiction too, but has put that to one side while she concentrates on the new series of Ebooks for Writers.